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I’m a prolific artist, and my work can be found in multiple places on the web. 

In Search of Lost Time: Solo Exhibit

Each piece in this 2018 exhibit was given a title echoing part of a literary work. My formal education is in Literature, and the theme of time and how authors manipulate it to elicit certain responses in the reader has always been my favorite theme. Writers like T. S. Eliot, e. e. cummings, Lewis Carroll, and Nabokov masterfully incorporated the ideas of time and memory into their work and seemed like natural sources from which to draw my titles.


Midnight Mammoth, Book Illustrations

I collaborated with children’s book author, Maria Reeves, on Midnight Mammoth. Though the book didn’t find distribution, it was a rewarding collaboration.

Illustrations were created using an iPad Pro and the Procreate app. 

Feather & Fur: Solo Exhibit

These peices were displayed at the Two Street Gallery in Fairbanks, AK, in 2020. This series was a deeper dive into mixed materials on 2 dimensional surfaces.

Procreate & the iPad Pro

When I’m traveling, I keep up with my drawing, design, and digital collage skills by taking my iPad Pro with me. The Procreate app always provides me with new ways of layering, cutting out, tracing, and overlaying transparencies. Other artists are always innovating in this space and I try to keep up with new methods of composite designs and digital sketching.