As an artist and as a leader in higher education, I know the value of creative graphics that tell a clear story for one or more audiences.

*Some examples here began as stock assets then were edited to meet branding or personal design preferences.

AlaskaX Ad

Not Another Top-Down Idea

After the launch of the new Faculty Accelerator, we created an online space where faculty could see new initiatives in a less-than-corporate light. The initiatives referred to in the images were staff or faculty driven initiatives. I veered far away from institutional branding to suggest that these projects weren’t being driven by the “establishment.”

Launching New Funding Programs

In 2020, after starting a new faculty development alliance (the Faculty Accelerator), launched a series of new funding opportunities for faculty. We needed the marketing to speak very loudly in email promotions and to stand out amid the institution’s branding. We used the institution’s primary font and color scheme (with saturation turned up) to remain brand-adjacent.


Finding the right visual metaphor for a graphic that will help communicate to a specific audience feels like play. Balancing aesthetics with messaging can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge I feel at home with.

Logos and Branding

Creating logos and mocking up examples of color, font, and line choices never ceases to be a place of flow for me. I can get lost in simple designs for hours. These designs were all created in illustrator and exported as folders with multiple assets that could be easily used as individual files or in combination. 

Rookery Design Logo
Caps Logos