Miscellaneous Projects

Relational databases, website design, children’s book illustrations, food writing, and anything else of note.


iTeachU is an online resource for faculty support at University of Alaska Fairbanks but is visited by thousands of instructors each year looking for our robust coverage of pedagogical issues in online education. Everything from design to delivery is covered with helpful links to research.

The Faculty Accelerator

The Faculty Accelerator is comprised of partners from across campus with a shared goal to create an ecosystem of support for faculty: mentoring networks, learning communities, teaching cohorts, research partners, writing groups, and customized individual pathways for growth. 

Lead Site Designer

Though not solely my creations, these two sites were built under my direction and I had a heavy hand in the architecture of the sites, the creation of content, and the overall design of both.

Food Writing: The Tart Little Piggy

I spent a number of years as a food writer, both for my own website and as a columnist for the Daily News Miner and the Alaska Dispatch. Though I haven’t update the site in quite a while, I think the content still holds up. 

The Tart Little Piggy

Encouraging Professional Development

As the leader of an instructional design team, I’ve found that creating fun opportunities for professional development are critical to managing a team of creative professionals. To encourage better presentation skills, I buried some critical presentations skills into an activity where designers could earn multiple badges and silly prizes based on the number of badges they earned.

Some of the criteria for badges are based on good presentation behaviors like using images instead of a wall of text, but others are for healthy professional behaviors like getting outside for a few minutes on a break or assisting participants in a timely fashion.

In 2014, a colleague of mine, Sarah Frick, and I presented on this topic, “Badging for Professional Development,” at the Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference.